Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Kruger National Park : Day one, part two !

…. Then in the distance, we saw a couple of elephants crossing the river, from bank to bank and I found sweet the first guy waiting for his/her companion/friend/relative….

… and few meters ahead, another beautiful couple of …. GIRAFFES ……

…. at a certain point, we reached a place where to stop the cars and get down, to enter a viewing point…. Hippos galore ! ….

…. some tangled branches …

… and a camouflaged warthog ….

…. a new set of giraffes ….

…. then a trio of them ….

…. a hiding impala …

…. a Vervet Monkey on a branch …

…. and the same group of zebras with some wildebeest, that we saw at the beginning of our tour … we were approaching the same gate we entered in the morning …

… and just outside the gate a warthog looking at ….

…. the best surprise of the day …. a huge RHINO !!!! ….

…. well, I'm not sure if this is a WHITE RHINO or a BLACK RHINO…. there is no colour difference between white and black rhinos…. and we cannot see very well the shape of the lips (square lip=white rhino, pointed lip=black rhino)… I can only suppose that this guy is a white one, just because his head hangs low for grazing (black rhinos held heads high for browsing)…. sorry for not be precise… there was no ranger close by to ask!!!!!

On the road inside the safari lodge we were going for the night, there were our last findings of the day …

Well, this is all for our first day at the Kruger!!!
Soon I'll be back with day 2 and 3 : stay tuned!!!!

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. I am following you, I stay tuned:) Lovely pics, I supposed it was a great day, haha!! byebye Francien

    1. …. I've just finished to edit the photos of the second day at the park!!!!!
      xxxxxx Ale

  2. Such wonderful images! What an amazing place!!

  3. Dear Ale, I first read day one part one and I loved it. I just read day one part two and I was amazed. The beautiful pictures, so amazing. Especially the pictures of the rhino. The rhino has a special place in our hearts over here. Our youngest son loves them more than everything. His bed is covered under rhinos. So I have shown him the photos. Every time he sees one it makes him happy and also sad because they are killed for fun. We don't tell him everything about the killing when it's in the news because it makes him so sad and he will cry about it. I'm waiting for your other photos. Love from Tinie and her youngest Ryan

  4. My 3yr old grandson and I are living your pics. He wants to look at each one close up!

    1. Dear Beth,
      your comment is one of the best I ever had!!!! You don't know how happy you made me knowing that your little grandson is so enthusiast to look at my pictures….
      thank you, xxxxxx Ale

  5. OM DOUBLE G!!! SO many amazing and wonderful animals!! The giraffes are incredible aren't they, and to see rhino and hippo's as well, topped off with the zebra, what more could you ask for. You must be so glad to be able to go and see these stunning animals! So happy for you! xx

  6. Gosh Ale, the experiences you are having! so nice to see the animals like this, nicer than the zoo! I love the Zebras, amazing. X

  7. I can't even imagine how amazing it must be seeing these animals in real life in their own habitat,bit different from London Zoo Ale :) giraffes are magnificent though aren't they, such gentle creatures, we have an ongoing conversation in our house about what noise they make? We don't know! Did they make a noise?? This is the good stuff that living in Africa is gifting you with hey? lots of love to you xxx


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