Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kruger National Park : Day one, part one !

At the end of January (it was the 26!) we decide, together with another italian family, to have a nice weekend at the Kruger National Park in South Africa !!!!
For us was our first time, so we were all super excited to have the opportunity to see the BIG 5 and all the other possible wild animals in their natural territory : so amazing !!!!!
For the occasion (we were travelling on our jeep), in our car Paolo was the driver who had to listen attentively to our instructions (were to stop and for how long!) Matteo was the 2nd photographer in charge, while Tobia was the "binocularist", ready to catch any movement in the distance!!!!!
We entered the Park at one southern gate named Crocodile Bridge Gate, where we bought an annual family ticket to enter the Kruger Park (we are going back there soon, as my mum is coming to visit us in a couple of weeks!) and where the adrenaline started to be very high!!!!!
You have to follow a Code of Conduct while visiting the Park and it was so exciting all the times we stopped to see and take pictures of animals …. we were whispering our joy and it was a big emotion listening the real noises from the animals, while eating/walking or roaring….. ;oD
The first night we slept outside the Park at the Mvuradona Safari Lodge, while the second night we were inside the Park at the Berg-En-Dal rest camp : 2 complete different experiences, both great!!!
Wanna have a look ? Take a cuppa and enjoy the visit!!!

… the Sighting Board, it gave you the idea were to find the animals… only the rhinos were omitted, to avoid free informations to the terrible poachers ….

a Rainbow Rock Skink !

…. and back in the car, our first animal sightings… zebras …

… and some Impalas…

…. and then an Blue Wildebeest under a tree …

… a couple of Kudus …

…. some other Impalas (they were everywhere!) …

… and our first ELEPHANT ….. !!!! ….

… guess? Impalas again! ….

… happily, another elephant …

… a young impala …

… a Blue Wildebeest on his feet, this time …

… Oh, yes! I'm working behind the lens …

…. Elephant ahead …

… and a bird  on a perch ….

… and where we stopped for lunch (Lower Sabie Rest Camp), we had the banks of the Sabie River, where was possible to see some African Buffalos crossing the river …

… while eating and resting …

… and just after lunch, back in the jeeps, we completely understood the meanings of the above signs …

…. luckily, the other side of the river was quieter ….

… and we had another happy encounter …

…. I was amazed by the beauty of the skies, too ….

… and little further a group of elephants ….

can you see the baby elephant in the bushes????

… and one who just crossed the street ….

… a white cloud up in the sky …

our friends' jeep, with Federico and Giuseppe …

…. Matteo ….

…. Paolo ….

… a shining river, the Crocodile River ….

…. and our first Hippos of the day …

…. and tomorrow, the second part of our very first day at the Kruger National Park !!!!!!! ;oD

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Lovely experience! For a couple of years I worked in many of those rural villages right along the boundary of Kruger. I remember listening to the news one morning when they mentioned villagers killing an escapee lion the previous day...At The Exact Village I Visited The Previous Day!

  2. Wow, what an experience! How fun!
    Kate :}

  3. Hi Ale, wow, thanks for bringing the parc overhere in my own house:) I love all the pictures, but those with the impala's in the delicate green are very beautifull. Tomorrow part 2, can't wait, byebye and enjoy Francien

  4. How utterly fantastic!! Your elephant pictures are stunning! It really is wonderful that you can go and see these animals in their natural surroundings isn't it. So glad you had a wonderful time. xx

  5. i see you and your family ha a great time at the kruger national park. aren't all these animals just amazing? you caught so many stunning pictures... love them!


  6. such an amazing back drop to the animals. I feel like I should be having more adventures with my son now .... X


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