Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Flowers off my hook !!!!

Exactly one month ago I started this flowery project ….

Today, I can show you the simple idea I came out with : a Starburst Flowers Centrepiece !!!

Wanna look?

Please, you are really welcome …

…. some flowery details…

Are you interested in some technical data?

I was working with a 3,5mm hook.
The cottons used are : Catania 100% cotton for the petals ; Sirdar FLIRT double knitting black (SH 226 LOT 91016) for the centres and Sirdar FLIRT double knitting beige (SH 222 LOT 10308) for the outer round; DALLA ROSA 100% cotone perlato (made in Italy!) in white (bagno 117) for the round around the black circle!
The pattern for the STARBURST FLOWER was found on the book "150 Knit & Crochet Motifs" by Heather Lodinsky.
The final measurements of the centrepiece are : 45cm for each side and 41cm in width (or depth?).

More photos …


Sunday afternoon, I crochet a little black gift for my mum (she is coming to visit us next Sunday!!!)…

This is a lace headband, whose pattern was found on the same Japanese crochet book I was using for the scarf/shawlette pattern (soon a new post about that little beauty !!!!) !!!

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Love it, looks almost like spring flowers:)) byebye Francien

    1. In here it's still summer, but soon it will be autumn!!! I think I'm still set on the European seasons!!! ;oD
      xxxxx Ale

  2. Ale, here in germany spring comes soon, hope so...
    and your ♥field of flowers♥ looks really like spring for me♥♥♥
    can´t wait to hear the birds singing...
    xxxo, Martina

  3. What pretty sight all those colourful flowers!
    So great that your mother is visiting, have fun!
    Lots of love, Mirjamxxxx

    1. thank you Mirjam!!!
      We are all excited about my mum coming!!!
      xxxxxxxx Ale

  4. I like the black, white and grey with the colour, and a pretty headband, sophisticated! X

  5. Love the stunning and colourful flowers, and the black lacy headband! How lovely that your mother is visiting....wishing you all a great time, Ale!
    Helen xox

  6. So cute!!! I really like the flowers, they are perfect for a summer centerpiece!
    See you soon!

  7. I like your flowers! When you make a 1000 more you will have a beautiful springtime shawl :-p

  8. Amo i tuoi fiori, Ale! e la fascia è stupendo!
    Un grande abbraccio!

  9. The flowers are beautiful and I love the headband.

  10. Great work, great colors and pictures! Love the Springy flowers!!

    1. …… great to have you here with all these good comments, Andre'e!!!! ;oD
      love, xxxxxx Ale

  11. I love the flowers!! How cute are they! xx

  12. Pretty! Those flowers remind of poppies with the black centers!
    Kate :}

  13. Ciao Ale , i fiori mi piacciono molto e mi piace il cotone che hai usato , ha dei bellissimi colori ! Sono sicura che la visita della mamma sarà stata una gran festa per tutti , le hai fatto un bel pensiero e rimango in attesa di saperne di più ! Ti auguro una buona giornata , un abbraccio

  14. Lovely!!! Can't wait to see you model that headband -- it's beautiful!!



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