Thursday, 7 March 2013

Getting better.... making table runners, at least I try to!!!! ;oD

Why do I say so???
Well, because I did follow a nice advice given by Wink here, where she explains very well (thank you!) how to close nicely the rounds in crochet..

Infact, if you compare the pictures of this table runner with the ones shown in this post, I think you are able to note what I mean!!! :oD

I'm not a big lover of browns and yellows, but I like how the colours match in this piece of crochet! I'm not sure, anyway, if I'm going to use this combination so soon!!!

As you have often noticed, I really like to take pictures with the pieces not yet blocked, because in this way you have more opportunities to have some original photos...

They have more personality....this is my personal thinking, I know!!!

....there are even a lot of colourful circles around here.....maybe you'll see them in a new post (soon!)!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

Today link : Creative Friday !


  1. It's lovely, what is 'blocking' exactly? :) x

  2. Hello Alexandra,

    waht a lovely protject.Great colors toe.

    greatings send you Conny

  3. I love the colours Alessandra! You're round-finishing is now looking excellent, hehe :) What are you going to do with all the lovely circles I wonder??
    Alison xx

  4. Dato che non dormi mai e non riesco a star dietro ai tuoi post,riasssumo così:i colori che usi ti distinguono e mi piaciono assai!Icuori ti sono venuti benissimo,prima o poi provo anche io!Auguri per la deliziosa gattina rannicchiata nella cesta!
    Un bacio grosso e alla prossima

  5. I looove runners, I've been eyeing my burlap stash to make one! Btw, any idea how we're supposed to call table runners in Italian? ;)

  6. Those colours look very retro :D

    And thanks for the Wink link ... when I've tried crochet closing the rounds properly has been one of my biggest difficulties.

  7. Isn't the invisible join amazing! It's like magic hahaha!! Very curious about those circles...
    Kate :}

  8. You've been busy with your colourful runners. I really like the brown in there. It tones the colours down and roots the runner in the earth!

  9. Just have to agree with you about the brown and yellow in this great combination. I´m inpressed by your crocheting kills.
    thanks for your supporting words :)

  10. Alessandraaaa!!!! I loooove it!
    Colorful! I love it!

  11. Such a colorful post Ale!! Looks like you are doing great! xo Heather

  12. Love to look at your colorful crochet work!

  13. Colors, colors, colors!!! Great, Ale :-))

  14. In the words of Austin Powers "Psychedelic Baby!"

  15. Hi Ale, what a great tip from Winkie! I might use this from now on and just think less ends to darn in coz there already done! She said to start each round in a different place so really you will hardly see the join. The brown and yellow is very retro! a lovely colourful piece indeed! Heather x


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