Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hearts are on!!!!

Do you remember these?

The first time you've seen them was right HERE !
Today, I dedicated them some of my time and you can see in the following pictures what happened to all of them....!!!!

I started with the total blue ones...

...this is the first one hanging from the wall!!!!

For the second one, the big dark blue heart, I decided to be more "smily"..., two hanging from the same wall!!!!

For the third (and last!) one, I've tried something a little bit different...

....eventually, 3 different hearts decorations hanging from that wall..... ;oD !!!!! ....

All together they look very nice!!!! The last one is my favorite!!!!

Happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra

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  1. hearts make a happy home! nice decorations, Heather x

  2. They're all very nice - you're so creative with your projects. :)

  3. I like all the hearts you made. The decorations are beautiful. Hearts bring love in our homes. Love from Holland Tinie

  4. These are such happy decorations!
    Kate :}

  5. Really cheerful and nice decorations! And the little smilies you used are too cute!!

  6. so much love in your house, they look ♥fab♥ - my fave is also the last one and i love your tiny smilie and heart bells
    xo, martina♥

  7. I love all your hearts and cute buttons too.

  8. Love, love, love!!! Complimenti Cara, sei bravissima e le tue decorazioni sono meravigliosi! Brava!!!
    Ciao ti abbraccio

  9. I love your craft ideas, simple yet so attractive! :)


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