Sunday, 24 March 2013

....a Totoro hat!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, my sister Varinia (I've talked about her right here  ) asked me to crochet a Totoro hat for my niece...she sent me a picture with a related link and so ...I did it!!

I needed my living model to fix the ears in the right place...

....and then to give you the idea of the hat done!!!! ;oD....

..... Cara Mara (brief message written in Italian for my niece!) spero tanto che il berretto ti piaccia! Io mi sono divertita molto nel farlo e sono soddisfatta del risultato! Tuo cugino si e' divertito molto a fare da modello e vorrebbe tenersi Totoro per se'..... con <3 zia Ale

To crochet this hat I followed this pattern and links :

Free crochet pattern : monkey hat (adult size) found at mamachee
Totoro Hat Medium by Silver88 on ravelry
and for the ears just follow : Crochet Bunny Hat Patern by Repeat Crafter Me
Thank you all for your help in this "Totoro hat adventure"!!!!

My personal touches:

  •  the eyes (hook 5) : with black yarn, chain 4, close the ring with a slip stitch, chain 3, 11 double crochet, slip stitch in the 3rd stitch of the first "chain 3"(12 stitches); for the second round, use white yarn and 2 double crochet in each stitch (24 stitches). Slip stitch in the first double crochet. done! (I use american crochet terms!)
the Dust Sprites hanging from the ear flaps : with white yarn (and 5mm hook), chain 25 stitches from each ear flap and bind off. With black yarn and a pom pom maker (mine is one from Clover, small size), make 2 pom poms and attach them to the cords with some knots!!

xxxx Alessandra

Today link : Link Your Stuff! and Craft Schooling Sunday !!!


  1. LOVE!! totoro is my favorite!

  2. The hat is absolutely adorable!!!
    I love Totoro!!

    Might give it a try myself!


  3. What a nice hat. really beautiful! Love from Holland, Tinie

  4. Oh that's too cute Ale......think you might have to crochet another for your son!!

    Claire x

  5. Oh that's too cute Ale......think you might have to crochet another for your son!!

    Claire x

  6. Oooh thank you for this - my sixteen year old is a huge Totoro fan so I can't wait to get started x Jane

  7. What a great hat Ale - and your son looks very handsome modeling it. :)

  8. So cute, I love Totoro!!
    Kate :}

  9. So cute! I think you could make justa about anything. How did the model handle his assignment? :) Best wishes, Tammy

  10. Well done, what a cute hat! And the photo with your son is too funny :-)

  11. Hi!
    I am happy to tell you that you've won my give away! Please send me an email with your address!
    Greetings from Ellebel

  12. We used to watch Totoro when my girls were little and we loved it! What a cute hat you made Alessandra!

  13. great job! thanks for sharing on Craft schooling sunday!


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