Friday, 10 February 2012

Varinia Poggiagliolmi

She is my little sister. She is an artist. She doesn't write a blog, but she has her own website :
In there you can find out all her creative works and you are lucky because is not only written in Italian, but even in English!!!She can handle different techniques and create things such as sculptures (papier mache'), necklaces, brooches,bags, lamps and more.....!!
For Christmas she gave me this beautiful box

In which I found this sweet necklace

And lately, you can find me going around with this beautiful bag

Well, I feel so lucky to have a creative sister like her! What do you think?
My sister told me that her website needs some updates and soon she will host a page on facebook!
In the meantime I think a visit worth it!!!

See you soon, xxx


  1. Brava, hai fatto una bella "pubblicita'" a varinia. Se lo merita proprio P.

  2. Wow just gorgeous, the bag is too cute, I love the appliqued doll!

  3. @Janette
    ...I love the matryoshka, too!!!
    xxx, Alessandra


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