Monday, 6 February 2012

A weekend in complete relax..

We had a quiet weekend. My big boy had a sleepover to his bf house, while my other two boys went to the cinema to see an adventurous movie (I don't remember which one, sorry.....). This is what happened Saturday. On Sunday my husband and I went out for some grocery shopping, while the big boy came back home and the little one enjoyed to play all day long with his favourite action figures....
In the meantime I crafted a little, just a little.....

Margot didn't like the idea to be in the same room with me, while she was having one of her naps...what a suspicious cat I have....

Anyway, I started to knit a matryoshka, following the pattern I've used for Owly (here and here), changing just the head, because of the rounded shape of the matryoshka head!

.....and now I have to start with the face.....I didn't want to do it with the intarsia method, so I decided to use the duplicate stitch, instead....I'll show you the result soon!!!

Just before starting to knit the matryoshka, I knitted one more flower to be (!!).....

Now, I have to knit some more leaves, so then I could start to sew the flowers on the pins....!!!

In the afternoon (Sunday), I went out in the garden with the camera, because Paolo wanted to show me a big jumping creature..

Just few seconds before, she was in trouble in the swimming pool, but with one of her jumps she saved herself with no problem at all.... but she was still in danger, because of a furry predator....

.......Luckily, the grasshopper hopped and hopped on high branches, so......poor Margot!!!!!

See you sooon, xxx

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