Wednesday, 8 February 2012

boring morning....

I think I have to change my usual morning  itineraries......... I need some new discoveries.....I'm planning for tomorrow a new long stroll, in an area not so far from my home (by car!) and I'll reach it by foot....I think I'll be out for some hours.....but today, you have to be happy with what I've found around my place!!!!

kitchenware behind a warung

abandoned bakso

this number and me have something in common......guess what?

grandma and her "grantoddler" sweet!

carrying an heavy chair and ...

...and an heavy table, all that on ONE shoulder!!!

a bamboo bench with 6 legs..

women buying fresh vegetables

entrance to a building site

You can have: rice, coffee with milk, sweet tea and iced tea!!!

Thank you for the visit and see you soon, xxx


  1. a me mi piace molto. P

  2. interesting photos Alessandra. my favourites are the words and numbers. thanks for sharing your stroll


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