Sunday, 12 February 2012

Yarn and thoughts...

I have still some projects classified as W.I.P. (work in progress) and even though they are many (more than five...), I continue to start new ones....WHY??? I think because of the challenge insight each of them....and I have to challenge myself to keep the interest on, to be focused and to be creative....

...the knitted matryoshka....I'm not still sure about her hair style.....So, everyday I look at her hoping to find the right inspiration....And for this reason, I'm leafing through piles of books, magazines and internet....The solution is not so far, I believe...

....and what about stripes??? I love them, not the bold ones, and I'm frankly obsessed with them! So, it happens even to knit them (this new project is not yet well settled : I don't know what I'm knitting!!!), and I'm so fascinated about the result that I continue to take pictures of them.....Do you have the same spell on you?

....Oh, yes!! What about wavy stripes?...Yummy!!!

Well, consider her just as a nice interval between "Wavy colourful stripes-part 1" and "Wavy colourful stripes-part 2"!eh!eh! ;-))

....Surprise! Surprise! While I was preparing this post, my husband came back home from some grocery shopping with this for me...

....A bunch of flowers!!!!! So sweet...!!!!

See you soon, xxxx

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