Thursday, 9 February 2012

Selamat bagi (good morning) Kemang Timur!! (part 1)

Well, yesterday I was complaining about the boring morning....boring because I was still walking in the same streets, as I usually do. So this morning, I decided to change my route and I set my mind ( and my legs!) to reach a popular street : Jalan Kemang Timur. In here, you can find a lot of furniture shops and workshops...and not only that!!


...a coffe shop still closed (tutup)....

graffiti on the vet clinic wall where Margot goes for her routine checks!

a wooden fence....

rooms available

...weighing the right moment to cross the street...

sometimes you can be so lucky to meet even ladies with their own cart...

I left my home at 6:45 this morning and I came back it was nearly 9 am !! It has been a real intense stroll, with new things to see, trying to capture them with my camera! The traffic was crazy and mostly you have to walk on the road (pavements are really rare..), paying attention to cars and motorcycles!!! After a while, I had enough of the gasoline smell and even the little water ducts along the road were not better (sometimes open air sewers...)....So I decided to walk back home, to drink a lot and for a desiderable refreshing shower!! I have a lot more to show you and for this reason the post will be split in two more......

See you soon, xxxx


  1. mi piace tutto: di questo passo dove arriverai? in particolare le Vespa, l'omino in bici con i cesti e ovviamente il gallo nel cimitero. Sono sicuro che hai materiale per almeno un altro post. P

  2. i really love love your street walks.

    makes me missing asian atmosphere so much!

    happy sunday!


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