Monday, 20 February 2012

My first cowl!!!

In this post (here) I started to show you my knitted wavy stripes.....
Now I have some more to display....!!!

.....When I decided that the "knitted thing" was done, I started to weave in a lot of ends and I made a selection of colourful buttons.... While sewing them on, I began to figure out what this thing could be : my first cowl ever!!!! Yeah!!!
Well, completed the sewing process I started to go around the home looking for someone to wear my cowl and show you how it fits on...Luckily it was not a hard hunting....phew!!!

Thank you Matteo, thank you Paolo for your kindness and your patience!!
....But moreover, because both of them didn't ask me something like :" A wool cowl in Jakarta? What for?"... Honestly I'm so glad they didn't, because I still don't know what could be a logical answer....

You can find my Ravelry notes HERE !!!

See you soon, xxxx

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