Thursday, 16 February 2012

Two hours stroll....

Well, it's getting harder to discover (by foot!) new places where to take my shots, but I'm trying my best...even "risking"my own life in the traffic of JK....Challenging, but it gives me the right start for my long day!!

a sleepy darling....

...with a "sleeping" turquoise can??'

Good morning dear!

The eyes!!!! unbelievable!!!

Please madame, photo?

my old friend.....

....and his rival!!!

in the chinese culture, the hens bring luck/prosperity!

Don't you dare......!!!

this is not a wc for dogs!!!

an angelic demon's face!!!

fancy some flowers???

.....Yes! Now is "exit" time! But today's album is not complete......!!!!

See you soon, xxxx

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