Thursday, 7 March 2013

Blue&White hearts.....

It's some time now that in my mind I continue to see blu&white china things....I don't know why, but this colours combo is stuck here in my brain, that the only way to get free from it is to do something...
So, I got back to this loved pattern from Bunny Mummy (aka Jacquie) and this is what I came out with..

My intention is to create some little vertical decorations to hang on some walls of the home, so I did crochet even some smaller hearts from a pattern found here (it's written in Italian, but I think you can easily read the chart.....anyway, if there is any problem just contact me!)...

Then I did a 3rd one (big), completely blue...

....and now they all lay happily together on my desk, waiting for the assembling moment....


  1. Love the 'blue & white' combo Alessandra! It's very 'wedgewood china' - just lovely!
    Alison xx

  2. About to post my version of crocheted hearts, too!
    I love blue+white, it looks like Delft porcelain.

  3. I love blue and white china too, and the color combo in general! Very nice!!
    Kate :}

  4. Very well, Alessandra!
    I looove too!

  5. I love the combo of blue and white. haven't tried this heart pattern yet but definitely think I need to now. Best wishes, Tammy


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