Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Colourful Discs as mood therapy !!!!

Outside my window I see it's raining cats and dogs....I need some burst of colours (maybe a rainbow!!) to feel serene and happy, so I've just remembered I have some pics ready for occasions like this one!!!

Ready to be cheered up??? I'm, so......enjoy my personal "homemade rainbow"....

....I hope that this trick worked even on you!!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

today link : Creative Friday !


  1. Funziona eccome!Che allegria,speriamo che spunti presto un bel sole caldo.
    Buona giornata

  2. my dear, take a look on my second pic:

    they would be a great backside for my freebie FAITH LOVE HOPE - a sign for breastcancer :o)
    read more here:

    they look so colorful...
    go "bunt"=go "colorful"
    look here:

    maybe you want to make some bag pendant for survivors in your surroundings?
    xo, martina

  3. Hello Alessandra,

    Your photos are indeed a colour therapy:) Thanks for sharing.

  4. I looooove your circles!

  5. They look like an assortment of sweets...lovely.

    Nina x

  6. My mood is significantly cheerier!!
    Kate :}

  7. Hey Ale, it's grey and wet and gloomy here and that has cheered me up as I just love this sort of weather and se desperately need rain, but your circles of colour certainly make me happy too.

    Claire x

  8. They sure are mood boosters! Thanks! :)

  9. Looooovely!! And perfect for this weather ;-). So heartwarming bright colors, and pink/green is my favorite combination ♥

  10. Wow,colour therapy! gorgeous, Heather x


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