Friday, 27 September 2013

Just a bunch of triangles....

.....for my shawl-to-be (do you remember? You may browse here and here)!!!!!
Things are going pretty slowly, but I enjoy crocheting each triangle.... will take forever ......or maybe not!!!!
Have a look by yourself, ladies!!!!

.....oh yes, they are only 5 !!!!
I need, at least, other 45 to go!!!!!
Wish me luck!!!!
.....but no worries : I'm having fun!!!!

Enjoy the weekend, xxxx Alessandra

Today link : Creative Friday !!!

I've added one more triangle to the collection

!!!!!!!! ;oD


  1. Hi Ale,
    Your triangles look so crisp and I love the yarn and colours!

  2. Hi my dear...
    I love your choose of autumn colors!!
    Have a good weekend too♥
    XO, Martina♥

  3. Good choice of colors for an Autumn shawl - very pretty. :)

  4. It will be a lovely shawl, Ale!

  5. dear alessandra,

    i love your triangles, and just everything you do, it's so full of color and whimsy and most love.

    can you please email me your mailing address?

  6. Your triangles look great! I love the colors you're using. xoxo

  7. I do love me some triangles! Looking good!!
    Kate :}


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