Friday, 13 September 2013

A very quiet week

Yap! I just looked at my blanket and I thought : I know I still have a long way to complete the crocheting, but today I prefer just to look at it !!!!.....

....nicely folded on the top of the yarns basket....too lazy, I admit it!!!!! ;oD

The fact is that I did something different, no crochet involved, but a pair of straight knitting needles....

Just a hint : they will make happy (I really hope so!!!!!!) some kids from here !!!! Have a look and read the post and get involved!!!! Thank you!!!! ;oD (in few days, a proper post will follow!)

the mirabel foundation website

xxxx Alessandra

Today links : busy fingers showing off #14


  1. Lovely all those colours! Goes with anything! ;)

  2. Such a bright and sunny blanket! Love it already :) I wish i could knit so well..infact i cannot manage 2 needles after doing crochet with 1 hook!

  3. Your blanket is so beautiful and colorful!! xo Heather

  4. You have done quite a lot of crocheting for the blanket and it looks lovely! It's good to take break from big project and do something else. Looks like it is going to be a cute knitted softie!! Good job you are doing to support a foundation:)

  5. Your blanket is lovely, Ale! I made one two years ago but only with blue stitch chain and white the rest of blanket .... your its much more cheerful!! I'll make also one! thanks for inspiring! Have a nice weekend! kisses from Catalonia!

  6. Your blanket is getting big! Love the colours, you're absolutely right to sit and enjoy your hard work for a moment!
    x Nathalie

  7. Loving your blanket's color combos of your last 5 or 6 rows with that light pink! And I remember you participating in that toy drive last year, and I'm hoping to make something this year too! Thanks for sharing!!
    Kate :}

  8. Your blanket grows nicely :)

  9. I still haven't tied the ends in of my crochet blanket...maybe soon - maybe!


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