Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My new sweater : "Love is in the air" !!!

Hi !!!

It has been a little while since my last visit, but I'm still here : no worries ! ;oD

I've been busy working on my last project : a new sweater !

After my My mega granny square jumper, I was tempted to crochet a raglan sweater...

I made some research on Pinterest and via YouTube. Eventually I was lucky enough to find a nice pattern on one book in my bookcase : Easy Crochet Country 30 projects to make for your home and to wear (Consultant : Nikki Trench) .

The pattern chosen was : "Sweater with patterned sleeves" on pages 104-107.

Well, I didn't follow the pattern properly... I've noticed that the conversion from cm to inches was wrong... so how could you trust the sizes???? I took my personal measurements and I crocheted more chains in the foundation chain to have a more cosy sweater, just a little bit oversized !

But I added more differences from the original pattern : the hem is not joined at the sides, so to have a couple of mini slits : the sweater body is joined with the as you go method (do you wanna know how ? Feel free to have a look HERE); no neckband for me : a simple boat neck did the job properly and yes, the sleeves are patterned, but only 3/4 long and with a different design, inspired by this one :

I did use a 4mm hook and the following yarns :

back : AK-Soft by Kartopu shade 634 (2 balls)
front : AK- Soft by Kartopu shade 657 (2 balls)
sleeves : Lauri Neulelanka shade aqua (2 balls)
sleeves cuffs : Elle Pure Gold DK  shade honey (small amount)

The crocheting of the sweater went on smoothly, but it took some time because of the novelty and because of a certain amount of trials, errors and "try it on".... several times!!!

Once, even the front was done, I started to crochet the sleeves ....

I found an useful video on YouTube showing how to attach sleeves along the sweater body (HERE) and very soon I had a basic crocheted raglan sweater ....

... do you think this was enough for my taste ??? Honestly, NO !!! ;oD

I decided to add a couple of colourful appliques on it !!!!

I decided to use one of the people from my little crowd (do you remember HER ?) and a Sunburst Granny Heart (pattern from Bunny Mummy HERE) ....

But the sweater was not completed, yet !!!

I decided to add some yellow cuffs at the end of the sleeves ....

.... and as my son Matteo was nearby, I took the opportunity to model on my new sweater ....

.... and I decided to add extra rows (just 3) at the top of the sleeves to reduce the boat neck ....

... and I chose to adorn the neck line with a round of slip stitches ....

Job done !!!!

... not bad, right ?? ;oD

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Totally totally love it! You are very clever :)

  2. Oh Ale! there's so much I want to say here...firstly, I love little crochet jumpers and cardigans. For years even before I could crochet I would find them here and there in thrift shops and then where them all the time. So easy to wear, even in the summer, quite light and cool over dresses and tops if cotton, really nice. Sadly I have worn them all out...I tried to make a cardigan recently. What is it about the patterns, I think it's so hard to make them work when catering for all different sizes. They often don't work and then i try and make them up and that sometimes doesn't work either! So I love the idea of making them in sections, which you can then alter if need be. Your top is so you!! It could also be made tiny for little ones too right! X

  3. And another happy thing ;-). Your sweater looks great, Ale. Nice design & color mix and so cheerful applications. Pretty!!!
    Nata xxx


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