Thursday, 1 November 2012

Emma and Elizabeth (and Tilly!!)....

In this short post (here), I did show you just a picture of these hearts (tutorial via Bunny Mummy)

....but, as usual, I took some more.... ;oD......

I was crocheting these hearts, because of a little girl, born at the beginning of October (here)!!!!

Today, I finally finished and wrapped the hearts garland...

....and a pair of knitted (first time ever!!!!) bootees....

The pattern for these was found on the book "First Knits" by Luise Roberts and Kate Haxell !!!!

I added even a couple of gifts for Emma, the sweet and witty mum, and one for Tilly, the lovely dog of the house!! Sorry, but I'll not show you the presents for Emma, because I don't want to spoil completely the surprise...., everything is ready to leave Jakarta and to reach England....I wish in a very short time!!!!

Really hope you'll be happy girls!!! ;oD

xxxx, Alessandra

Today link : Natural Suburbia


  1. Ooo I like booties so much.. But I will try to make the same booties by crocheting...:))
    And as always your hearts seem so pretty.. I like gray color on the hearts..:))
    All happy days...

  2. Beauuutiful hearts! You know I love them ;-). And these booties, woow, how cute!! I'm sure they will look gorgeous on little princess' feet ;-)

  3. How lucky these three beautiful girls are! :) and they deserve all their presents!

  4. I love the heart garland - and the booties are just darling. Very nice gifts for the lucky girls. :)

  5. Hello Alex,

    thank you so match vor the nice coment to my helloweendinner.
    You crochetharts its very very cute.Great colors to.

    hugs Conny

  6. She is such a cute baby. She will look like a little Elf in those booties. How sweet of you! :)

  7. Awww what sweet gifts!! I love the colors in the hearts against that bright white!!
    Kate :}

  8. What a lovely little gift! You are so kind! :)

  9. Oh my gosh Ale, how excited was I when I saw mine and the girls names in your post title :o)

    And then when I read the post and saw the garland, oh my, I just can't wait for the postman to come now :o)))

    You are just too super and I feel very humble to have a friend like you (and very pleased that you are such a talented crocheter :P), I can't believe you remembered Tilly too - she is feeling very left out at the moment so she will be delighted to receive a gift from you!

    I will say it again, you really shouldn't have, but I am pleased as punch that you have. We really are a lucky bunch of girls.

    Lots of love xxxxx

  10. They will certainly be happy with all the crocheted goodies. You're very sweet Alessandra!

  11. you have such a great way with colour Alessandra, I could definitely see your work in a colourful crochet book!(of your own). The booties are just gorgeous, lovely presents, Heather x

  12. Oh how beautiful - the wrapping is exquisite too!

  13. These little boots are so cute! Love the hearts and the whole presentation!

  14. The heart garland is a lovely idea!

  15. Such sweet gifts. Little booties are just the cutest! :)

    Here's to happy, beautiful babies :)

  16. Dear Alessandra,

    I am off to catch a plane in forty minutes but I could not resist (despite my husband's raised eyebrows) taking a few seconds writing you a comment and becoming a member of your merry band of followers.

    You have a wonderful eye for colour! ;-)

    I'll be back soon.


  17. Such pretty packages and beautiful hearts. Happy journeys - I hope they travel safe,

    Nina x

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  19. How sweet!love those granny hearts,they're adorable


  20. So adorable...and I love your sweet are so thoughtful

  21. You have such a kind heart and I'm sure the girls will be delighted with their gifts. Isn't that baby just the sweetest little girl :D


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