Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Singapore : ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

While, visiting the huge mall and the new Singapore landmark, Marina Bay Sands (in a next post it will be more about it : promise!), we noticed an advertise site inside

about this

It was about a current show of the brick artist Nathan Sawaya at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands (the show will be on till April 14, 2013!), so we went....!!!

This is the Museum from the outside...

...and these were some of the artist works of (brick!) art....

and there we are.....!!!!

even the Museum was "bricked".....!!!!

Did you enjoy the visit??
It was fun, a little of fighting with the "disco" lights of the show, but I enjoyed it a lot!!
I still have some lego bricks of my childhood in some boxes back in Italy : a new craft??? ;oD

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Everything pixelated! Very interesting! :)

  2. Wow, that's another way to look at lego! I'll show it to our boy, he is also very creative with his Lego :D.
    What a great pictures! Love from Mirjam.

  3. Wow, mine children will say when I show them the pictures. They are now at school, but they are also very creative with lego. I like your pictures. Greetings Tinie

  4. Woow look at this wonderful modern art.. So amazing.. And I like your childrens pics.. So so beautiful..:))
    Good wishes...:))

  5. Wow...this is amazing!!! I just can't believe how talented some people are...I sooo wish this was closer..would love to go.
    Happy day to you and thank you for sharing. xo

  6. What a fascinating place - the art is amazing.

  7. Wow - a wonderful place to visit Alessandra! I bet your boys loved it - mine would too :) What an amazing building too! Thanks for the tour :) :)
    Alison xx

  8. An amazing exhibit!! I love legos!!
    Kate :}

  9. Beautiful.

    Alessandra, I love your blog and I have an award for you in my blog.


  10. Wow! like the peace sign, amazing! Heather x


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