Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Do you remember my big party bag???

....Well, the one that I used for my Blog Birthday Giveaway (here) ??
I've crocheted then some more (here and here), but I never completed them...till this morning!!!! ;oD
They are ready for the bazaar and the following photos will speak for me (as usual!!)...

...and now some group photos...

You have been really patient to look at all the pics...You deserve a cup of tea/coffee!!!
Thank you!!

xxxx, Alessandra

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  1. Woow. Colorfull.. Very well done..:))
    All best wishes my dear friend..:))

  2. They are lovely, very pretty colours too!

  3. Dear Alessandra, They are really beautiful. I'm sorry I missed your give away, they're so ..... ;-).
    I like the colors, they are so fresh and inspiring. Greetings from Holland, Tinie
    Note: I really like your blog,I'm happy you found mine so that I found you. (Sorry for my English)

  4. Ale, these are lovely, such pretty colours...are you going to sell them?? I know it is difficult with the post situation in JK but these should be in a shop! Also your photography is amazing!!! Such good quality pics..what camera do you use?? Lots of love to you from rainy cold England from me and Betsy and Tilly too xxx

  5. Hi Alessandra

    Lovely work as always
    and I really like the colour
    combinations that you have used
    - gorgeous.

    x Fiona

  6. They look lovely - I'm sure they will sell well.

    Nina x

  7. Hi Alessandra , thank you for your sweet comments. I love your latest makes and your heart and pom pom garland is adorable. I'm happy for you to sell items made from my patterns . It's always lovely to inspire others.
    Jacquie x

  8. I hope everything goes well at the bazaar! :)

  9. Very pretty! Coupla' shades of grey ;-)
    Love the blanket stitch and the way you do your label.

  10. Lovely colors you used!

    Greetings Franca


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