Monday, 1 October 2012


My Dear Friends,

I'm very excited to tell you that I'm celebrating the FIRST YEAR OF MY BLOG !!!

Yes, one year ago, it was a Sunday, 2nd of October 2011 (have a look here), I started to blog!! I remember I was really it works? what I write now? which pics? and more silly things!!!

After one year I'm still here and I'm HAPPY!!! I love what I'm doing with my crafts and I love you guys, a lot!!! I made good friends through my blog and they give me good reasons to go on with this big blogging adventure! I love to be in touch with bloggers, I love to discover your worlds, I love to be inspired by you!!!! It's a unique experience and I'm really glad that one year ago I decided to enter this magic and colourful world!!! Thank you to you all, my followers, my friends, my silent readers (!!!) and the curious ones that sometimes visit me : THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!

Let's start the celebrations!!!

If you are a regular reader, maybe you did notice some little improvements as:

  • Follow me on Pinterest button
  • Become a fan on Facebook (my blog page)
  • Follow by email (it's not new, but I moved from the page bottom to the top left )
  • My Flickr Slideshow (just click on it and you'll go straight to my photo stream)
  • Sorry, Twitter is not for me, so......nada!!!
About Flickr : this morning I created my first group!!! Just click on homemade@myplace: Make It!!! and you'll reach it! If you "dare" to create something just following my tutorials on my "Make it!" page or just because you are inspired by my crafty posts, well you are really welcome to join my group!! Thank you!! It's still with no pics, but in the following days I'll do my best to improve it, promise!

Well, I'm hosting a B-party (are you all here???) and when you'll leave it, I'll give you a party favor, as the one I showed you yesterday (here), but today the bag is filled....

...with handmade goodies made by me!!! I'm not telling you what's inside : surprise!!! The bag is really stuffed...with little gorgeous things!!!! But this is not enough! Infact, the lucky one, who is leaving this party with the party favor bag, is going back home even with four yarn balls from Indonesia!! How is all that??? Tempting, eh? ;oD

To partecipate at this BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY , as I am the Birthday Girl (!!!), I'm asking you, please, to follow just two simple conditions (thank you in advance!) :

  1. Follow me!!!
  2. Leave a proper comment at the end of this post. Comments like : count me in/ I'm in or similars are not enough to participate! Just look at the giveaway : don't you think it deserves something nicer from you? Anyway, each inappropriate comment, will be deleted by myself! Thank you for understanding!

Everyone from anywhere in the world can participate to this giveaway and feel free to spread the word!
You have an entire week to decide if to enter or not the giveaway : it will ends next Sunday (7th of October) at midnight, Jakarta time. On Monday, I'll reveal the winner (sorry, only one!)!!!!

Let the Party begin!!!

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. My hearties congratulations, dear Alessandra!!! Wow, already 1 year. That's great :-). As you know I'm only blogging since 2 months but it's the same to me, I love this magic world :-). And I was really happy to find your nice blog. Beautiful, creative, inspiring, warm, and opening a window to a far away place in the world which seems so near by your words and pics. Thanks for all you give, I will not miss your blog and I'm looking forward to many many new inspiring posts from you :-). But now I've done enough words, let the party begin!! Cheers, Alessandra, happy celebrating!! Oh, and thanks for the beautiful giveaway, it's really exciting and I will try my luck :-)

  2. You certainly know how to throw a party Alessandra!! I have loved getting to know you and your lovely creations over the past year - also getting to know Jakarta through your fabulous photography :)

    I am totally eyeing up that goodie bag though - have I 'grovelled' enough LOL :) Seriously, I have valued our bloggie friendship this year - Happy One Year Bloggie Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!!
    Alison xxx

  3. I wondered what you were cooking up! Now I know! I'm having a good time at the blog party, one year! Well done you, and you are getting so technical as well as creative! Now what's in that bag I wonder? Pop me in your giveaway please, and hopefully I might find out! Congratulations Alessandra, and thank you for all the support you give me too! Ada :)

  4. Happy Blog Birthday Alessandra!! What a lovely giveaway prize. The granny stripe bag is so pretty with all the bright colors.

    I enjoy your blog and I wish you many more years of blogging happiness. :)

  5. Happy happy blogging birthdays Dear Alessandra..:))
    I like your nice blog and all your handmades.. You are a very creative woman..:))
    And a very nice surprise.. Tomorrow is my birthday..:))
    The same time with your blog... But I am 44..:))
    All best wishes and happy happy new blogging years..:))

  6. YAY! Congrats on your blog birthday! I am like you, when I starte3 months ago I dign't know what I was getting in to, what I should write, etc. :) I am thrilled for you and your goodie bag is beautiful! I greatly enjoy seeing your work and the lovely things you create :) Blessings to you on this special day.


  7. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your first year! I just celebrated my 1st year blogivesary. I saw this pinned on Pinterest and am glad I did. your blog is AWESOME and you are one creative/talented woman! I'm following along on GFC like you on Facebook so I don't miss a thing. I'd love for you to stop by and visit sometime. Congrats again and good luck with year 2!


  8. Happy Blogiversary!! I also find blogging so amazing! It's true, it's a wonderful magical world where you can meet great people! I'm glad you came over to my blog and I got to find yours. It's lovely how you can feel attached to people you meet only through the blogworld, isn't it? I've been here for a little while only but I definitely enjoy reading you! I'm wishing you lots of inspired blog post and many more blog birthdays! Hugs to you all the way from Mexico!

  9. Very Happy Blog Birthday, Ale! So glad for you that you`re happy to be a blogger :o) It`s so true about World and Magic too )) Thank you for celebrating your anniversary with us. Your wonderful surprise bag is so inspiring and magnetic. Fantastic giveaway! Wishing you`ll have a joyful and wonderful years in blogland, dear friend ))
    lot of love from Russia

  10. You don't have to count me in for the give away. I just want to say congrats and thank you so much for all your lovely comments on our blog!

  11. Congratulations on your first anniversary!! I know I haven't been following for very long, but it looks like you've had an amazing first year! I too agree that blogging is an amazing experience! I've also met so many people I consider friends who are a great source of support and constant inspiration, and I'm so glad that you are one of them! I can't wait to see what projects and photos you'll share this next year!

    (Since it is your birthday, I feel like we should be giving YOU something. If you email me your address, I'd love to send you a card!)

    Kate :}

  12. oow that was a fun video to read along to! Happy birthday to your blog. It's been lovely meeting you too and reading your enthusiastic comments, thank you. Your gift bag looks very interesting I wonder what's inside. I like the bright wool of course. I'm off to have a look at your links now, oh and please can I enter your give-away! Heather x

  13. Hello Alessandra
    Its funny that you should say that you were scared at first before plunging into blogging because this happened to me too. I can stand up infront of 600 parents and present a new course but I stood back hesitantly from blogging. Well I'm glad you and I dominated our fears and got on with it because it was the best step I ever took...I have a new interest and so many new friends...just like you! Congratulations and here¡s to another full year of wonderful blogging. Now then I have to turn to this giveaway and am looking at the glorious colours of that yarn you are displaying here ...oh my what temptation and the cutiest little bag of goodies all the way from Indonesia....I'm going to cross my fingers and toes on this one for sure and hope I'm lucky.
    Am off to paste your picture and link to your giveaway on my blog

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  14. Happy First Blogoversary! How exciting!!

    It looks like a lovely giveaway but please *don't* enter me Ale, I have won 4 lately which is terribly greedy of me and I've vowed not to enter any more for a while so other folk stand a better chance. I'm on a giveaway 'diet'!

  15. Happy Birthday! The yarn looks so yummy scrummy. Oh, I am drooling! :)) The bag is fantastic, I wonder what's inside. I am actually feeling like a kid who just cant wait for the surprise. I hope I get the bag. I will pray for myself!;)
    I love your blog, I love your comments on my blog, I just love the fact that I met you in this virtual world.
    Good Luck for all your future ventures!


  16. Oh Ale, Ihave nearly missed your first blogbirthday!!! Shame on me!
    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, blog! ;)
    Hope, many birthdays will follow!
    And I must win this giveaway, it's so cute!!
    Hugs for you! miriam

  17. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I love to read what you have been up to and to see photos of your world :) Janette xx

  18. Hello!
    I just found your blog today and I'll definitely stay to read more!
    Just recently I starteda blog on my own and Ihope I'll last at least one year ;)
    So, happy birthday to you and your blog, I wish you all the best, many posts and many followers! :)
    (and I wish for myself to win this georgeus giveaway ;))

    Best wishes!

  19. Made me laugh you saying "count me in" isn't enough...hahahaa. Happy Blog Birthday to you whole year...hurrah.

    I love that neon yarn, I'm thinking some funky Christmas decorations could be made from that...maybe some stars...weeeeeeee xxx

  20. Congratulations!
    I only recently found your blog (via Natasha's blog!)but I like what I read! I'm slowly reading my way through your old posts!

  21. Ciao Alessandra, ti faccio tanti auguri per il tuo simpatico blog, che mi ha permessa di conoscerti!

  22. I am a follower and love your blog. Count me in :D

    Greetings Franca


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