Saturday, 20 October 2012

...two boys, two pillows !!!!

In these days I continue, at least I try, to put some order in my stuff crammed everywhere in my studio....!!!
So, in a little drawer, I found my big granny squares (look here), that were considered as blocks for future blankets....cough! cough! Did I say/write something like that? Honestly, I'm not so ambitious as a  rookie crocheter!!! Then, I decided to use them to sew a couple of pillows for Matteo and Tobia....

Each pillow consists of four granny squares (every granny is done of 7 rounds, using a 4mm hook), joined together with a cross (in two different colours) of single crochet stitches. The border is made up of 4 rows (each row a diverse color) in single crochet (this time I've used a 5 mm hook). The back of the pillows is done with a felt square (43x43cm) sewed using blanket (you see the irony???) stitch...

So, one pillow for Tobia...

...and one for Matteo!!!

.... and they are both happy (unbelievable!!!) of their new gifts from mum!!!

xxxx, Alessandra

Today I join Link your Stuff! and Creative Friday !!!


  1. They are lovely!

  2. Wow, what a vibrant cushions you have! Love the blanket stitches!

  3. Wonderful pillows. I love the colours.


  4. I love the blue one Alessandra! Great use of those squares! Ada :)

  5. These are lovely Alessandra - love your blanket stitch too :)
    Alison x

  6. Excuse me, those cushions are lovely, but THOSE eyes, my God.... they shine!!!

    Best regards, Lorena :P

  7. The pillows turned out great! Love the colors!

  8. Beauuuutiful, both!! Love especially the orange one ;-)

  9. I like, i like, i like - i wish I am your child! ;-)


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