Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A stool cover!!!

Last Christmas, I've received some crafty books ( you know, I collect them!!!) from Paolo (<3) and in the parcel there was even "granny square Love" by Sarah London.... Well, at that time (it seems ages ago!) I was not yet a crocheter....So it was one of targets of the coming new year : learn to crochet!!!

I did it, during the Easter holidays!!!! It all started as a hard task : as a knitter, it was so unnatural to use only one "stick" and to wrap the yarn (by the way, I don't wrap the yarn even when I knit...I have my own way to do it!!)....After some failures (so upsetting!!!), I was able to chain and use the hook properly...What a relief!!! And then....it's history, as you can browse all my efforts in my @home made page, up there in my tool bar!!!

All this to say to you, that after finishing my last pillow (here), I start to leafing through the book of Sarah London...and on pages 52-55 I've found the pattern, "stool cover", that I needed for the stools (2) that I have in my kitchen....They are white....they have some stains....they absolutely need covers!!!!

So I've followed the pattern, with some changes to adapt it to my stools ( different size and they have backs!!!)....
Would you love to look at what I came up with??? Please, you are all welcome!!!

As written above, I needed to change a little bit the pattern to adapt it to the presence of a back in my stools....Infact, I had to mark where to split my work in two parts, as you can see in the following pic...

After a little while the hooking was completed, so....

In the followings photos you can see the two slits, too...

Then, I got some red&white gingham ribbon and a tapestry needle....

...Et voila'....!!!!!

Now, I'm ready to start to crochet the second stool cover!!! I think it will be in green hues!!! ;oD

Thank you Sarah (London)!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Today link : The crochet Boulevard !!!!


  1. Really pretty!
    I love the colors and the ribbon is such a tasteful touch.
    Have a nice day!

  2. So delicate colors! Love it :)

  3. This is one funky stool Alessandra, you must be so happy with your crochet. Very clever way of attaching. I have a round stool which I keep looking at and wondering how to make it fit. Like your colours! Heather x

  4. Now that is REALLY clever! I love the colours you used too Alessandra - just gorgeous :D

    Your ideas are so inventive - just awesome!
    Alison x

  5. It almost seems a shame to pop your bottom one one! Just lovely, the others will be great! Ada :)

  6. Ooooooh quelle bonne idée !!! :O) Et comment c`est jolie Alessandra!!!! J`adore!! :O)
    Merci de devenir membre de mon blog!!! :O)
    Bonne journée!! XD
    xxx Maria xxx

  7. Ciao, Bella! Come sei brava! A me piace tantissimo questa copertina! Davvero stupenda! Complimenti Cara :o)

  8. I love it. The colors you chose are so pretty together and the ribbon is a nice way to tie it together. :)

  9. This looks fabulous! I love the colors and the ribbon to tie it on is just perfect!


  10. Wow, that's fantastic! Love the colors :-)

  11. Very pretty - I've always wanted to make one of these.

    Nina x

  12. SO cool! I'm a new GFC follower :)

  13. One thing looks greater than the other... Big big compliment to you!!

  14. Oh, I just LOVE this! Grannies and such beautiful color combos.

    Stopping in from www.crochethappy.com and http://asktracyann.crochethappy.com


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