Sunday, 21 October 2012

The big pillow is on the sofa right now!!!!

After the nice results obtained with the boys' pillows (here), yesterday I decided even to conclude my work with the "former pillow" (have a look here). So I sit for a while at my desk, just sewing....

...after completing the sewing, it was not hard to find the right place where to sit the new pillow....

Yes, I placed it on the sofa, left corner where I usually place my bottom(!), in front of the TV ...
I think I need much more colourful pillows in the living room....
....a lot of them!!!!! ;oD

xxxx, Alessandra

Today I join Welcome to Craft Schooling Sunday


  1. It is so bright and cheery. I also love the details on the back. :)

  2. so pretty! and i love the finishing touch on the back, very clver
    love jooles x

  3. Incredible work again..:)) How will you create this kind of colorsul and stylish handmades..:))

  4. It's very pretty - I love all of the embroidery details. Have a good day. :)

  5. OH MY this is lovely....I just adore how you did the back! I need a pop of colour like this on my sofa! Happy day to you.

  6. oh i love your pillow! The bright colors and details. Well done!

  7. Love the colors!! I love your blanket stitching as well! So pretty!
    Kate :}

  8. Wow, Ale, this is superb, I love those colours and that contrasting back! Ada :)

  9. Your pillow is lovely! I really like the embellishments!

  10. What a glorious riot of colour and doesn't it just stand out and say enjoy me!!! Really love the original back too.

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  11. How gorgeous, love those bright colours! I think I'd put it at the other end of the sofa so I could look at it!

  12. Just lovely Alessandra - I love all the finishing touches on the back, so creative! Enjoy your new pillow :)
    Alison x

  13. Bonjour Alessandra!!
    Il est très jolie votre coussin crochet! J`adore vous avait très bien choisie les couleur!!! :O)
    Et j`adore votre blog il est très intéressant a lire et très jolie et mentonnet je suis votre nouveaux member!! :O)
    Bonne semaine!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  14. I love your work space and your pillow is gorgeously vibrant and lovely. I like the detail at the back.

    Nina x

  15. Oh, I love your beautiful pillow!! I have yet to crochet a pillow! Thanks for sharing such prettiness! xo Heather

  16. your pillow is so colourful I love it! Heather

  17. I'm just wondering is that a sheet of felt on the back? seems to work well and easy to sew?

  18. Love the colors! Very inspiring! :)

  19. Gorgeous, Alessandra, really gorgeous!! Love the colorful seams and the circles on the back, great ideas :-)

  20. so very very cheerful, and LOVE the back detail! thanksso much for sharing on Craft schooling Sunday!


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