Saturday, 13 October 2012

Pillow cover : front completed!!!

From a little tin box that is in my crafty room, a couple of days ago, I've collected out some (36, precisely!!) little granny squares, that I've crocheted in May (here) with big projects in my mind....Well, the projects are still there, but I wanted to use these squares for a classic crochet craft : a pillow cover!!!

So, I started to adjust the position for each square and when I was happy with the pattern, I chose a 4mm hook and white yarn to sew horizontally the squares together, joining them with a chain of single crochet stitches

When finished the white horizontal lines, I started with the vertical ones, alternating orange, pink, yellow, hot pink and red yarns !!!

Then, I added a border (3 stripes in sc, red, green and blue) to give a neat finish to my colourful cover..

Well, what do you think???
I'm so delighted with this burst of colours, and you??

xxxx Alessandra

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  1. Bright and happy colors! Beautiful color combos. Love it!

  2. Wow, those colors look so sweet together! Nice one! :)

  3. Hi Alessandra,well you have a new follower,I have signed in on your blog!Looks good over here!

    greats from Holland!

  4. I think it is very pretty. Nice, bright colors that look so nice together. :)

  5. Love!! I'm a big fan of the classic granny! Your colors are so bright and cheery!!
    Kate :}

  6. Hi dear Alessandra, You know I like all granny works. And You made granny pillow cover so amazing.. I like it so much. Expecially colors..:))

  7. I think I LOVE it...the colours are so much fun! This little project so reminds me of my grandma! Hugs for a wonderful weekend..hope you are finding time to be creative. xox

  8. Ciao Alessandra, sei ogni giorno più brava e veloce, i moduli sono uniti perfettamente, e quella di solito è la parte che mi fa impazzire.
    Ho trovato il tuo pinterest e mi ci tuffo!
    Buona domenica

  9. Terrific colors! I love granny squares! Great work!

  10. Olá Alessandra!

    Bonitas padronagens!
    Uma semana iluminada para você!


  11. Absolutely STUNNING! I wish it were mine. Kellie xx

  12. Hey Ale!
    Back from Merano I'm looking all of your posts - this pillow cover looks so so great - i don't know what to say else...
    Love, Miriam


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