Monday, 1 October 2012

While waiting...

...for the "big event" (eh!eh!eh!), I'm offering you the vision of some new photos from my last stroll...

....So, be ready for the next post!!! Few hours and.....

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. What a fantastic place you live in, Alessandra! Patiently waiting, hehe :)

  2. What a fantastic place and fantastic life style.. So so interesting..:))
    Best wishes...

  3. Great pics! My favorite is the one with the little colorful basket. The contrast between the old piece of furniture and the basket toffed up with this glittery garland!! As if someone had forgotten a piece of childhood. Really special :-))

  4. Your photo walks are the best!! I absolutely LOVE the third picture with the tires... The composition, the shapes, the subtle colors: perfection!!! Delicious!
    Kate :}


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