Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Grazie Ilaria!!!!

This morning in the mailbox....

....yes a big parcel, with inside...

and the postcard is written by....

....Ilaria from Ida interior lifestyle !!!!! Do you know her??? I think a lot of you does!!! Anyway you can go and visit her on her blog, saying a big "CIAO"!!!

We did an "interior magazines" swap !!! I've sent to her 2 magazines from Indonesia and she has sent 2 from Holland.....and we are both Italians!!! How funny !!!!

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Yes I will visit her blog and I will say CIAO just now..:))

  2. Neat! I will have to visit her blog!
    Kate :}

  3. Hello Alessandra

    I will visit her blog and say hi!

    I didn't know you were Italian,
    I am learning new things everyday,
    not only are you extremely talented but you are from one of the lovelies countries in the world.

    Have a good week


  4. How funny is this!
    I both have the magazines at home. But hee, i'am dutch. And did you like them?

  5. What happy mail!! Enjoy! xo Heather

  6. So fun! You get the greatest packages in your mailbox. :)

  7. Thank you Alessandra and a big thank to all your readers!
    ciao ;-)

  8. Teehee, that's funny. I share your happiness about this nice swap :-). Enjoy your new magazines!

  9. What fun...I love getting magazines from other countries. Happy reading!

  10. How wonderful. I love looking through foreign magazines, even when the text is quite beyond my limited language skills!

  11. Oh! what a wonderful thing to do. Just love vtwonen, its a great and inspiring magazine.
    Enjoy :)


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