Monday, 16 April 2012

What an happy day! My first giveaway!!!

....As promised!!!
I would like to start with some music! At first, I had thought "What about a fanfare?", but then, browsing on YouTube,  I found something more appropriate and beautiful like the following

Do you agree with me? They are simply great!!!
So, my FIRST GIVEAWAY.... I think that most of you have guessed what it is all about, and now I'll show it to you in all its splendour..

Yes!! It's a bunting made with 19 of my knitted elongate hearts !!! It's long 3,50m (!!!!) and each heart is knitted in garther stitch (with two threads, same or contrasting colours). Each heart is attached to the jute ribbon, weaving in the ends and with top knots, embellished with wood beads! The hearts are all fringed with the same threads (80% bamboo sourced viscose and 20% wool, Sirdar FLIRT, double knitting) and these threads are the same used to knot the wood buttons on the jute ribbon. The buttons are a souvenir from Egypt, while the jute ribbon is from here (or China?), like the acrylic yarn used to knit.
I hope you like it! I think that you can hang it even outside, under heavy rain!!!
The winner will find in her/his parcel even some extras...

Infact , I'm adding even two packs of local tea and 10 sugar sticks, nicely decorated with indonesian illustrations! So, happy to enter this giveaway?
Well, I kindly ask you to write a comment to this post, in which you explain to me why you visit my blog (if you are a "devoted" reader!) or, if this is your first time here, how did  you discover my little place. Ok?
I think that this is not an hard task and the fact is that I really want to thank you all, because you stop and
read my blog. Very often, you have only to look at the pictures: I'm not a writer, I suppose!
Anyway, you have time to enter this giveaway until the midnight of next Monday, the 23rd of April. Remember that I live in Jakarta (Indonesia), so I'm following the Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta time zone !!!!
I think that I'll choose the winner using a number generator or something similar! Or maybe a lucky dip???
If I find a rude or offensive comment, that comment will be instantly thrown in the bin, clear?
Don't hesitate to do the word-of-mouth advertising : it's really welcome!!! ;-)))
People from all over the world can enter this giveaway!!!

Thank you my dears! Enjoy and see you soon!!! xxx ....and GOOD LUCK !!!


  1. lovely giveaway, it is my first time visiting here and i fell in love with your lovely tutorials!! :)

    i am following you on GFC now and thank you so much for the chance, those prizes are beauties! :)


  2. Enter me

  3. Hi,enter me...thanks!
    GFC:Chicca Tamburrino

  4. enter me please!
    gfc: Loredana

  5. enter me please ^^

    GFC Francesca Scirpoli

  6. Such a pretty handmade bunting Alessandra! Are you sure you want to give it away?

    I believe I first discovered you after you left a kind comment on my blog. And I have been coming back since then.

    Count me in for the giveaway!

  7. Lovely giveaway, I'm always reading to see what you have been up to! Janettexx

  8. Lovely giveaway, I'm always reading to see what you have been up to! Janettexx

  9. Oh Alessandra! The giveaway look soooo pretty!!
    I visit your lovely blog because your pictures are always very very interesting. I like to see how it is in Indonesia. And not to forget your pretty little handmade things!!

    Love, Miriam

  10. What a beautiful and generous giveaway... i am very excited, thank you x
    I have only just found your lovely blog and look forward to many more visits.
    love jooles x


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