Monday, 23 April 2012

In few hours.....

...MY FIRST GIVEAWAY ( here) will end (at midnight, local time JK) and ONE WINNER (just one!) will be chosen by draw!!
Till now, it is 15:28 in the afternoon, 77 persons had viewed the giveaway post , but only 10 had left a comment!
It could be that the giveaway is not so tempting for everyone, of course, but I even had thought that maybe not all the curious people that read my post are able to post a comment, so.....I'll give you some guidance about how to do it, ok?

After reading my giveaway post, you'll find at the end of it the following word "commenti" : click on it!
You will enter a window in which you will read "Lascia il tuo commento" (that is : Leave your comment), and with a click of your mouse enter the empty box below, where you can type your comment with your signature, please!

When done, you have to choose an identity "Scegli un'identita'" between the following options :
  • account Google
  • invia commenti di risposta per email a (translation : email follow-up comments to)
  • open ID
  • nome/URL
  • Anonimo (anonymous)
If you are an abitual user of Blogland, you know for sure what to do! But if you are not and if you don't have a blog, the choice will be the following : anonimo!! Tick on it with your mouse!

Then you can publish your comment "Pubblica commento"!

After that, there is the last step : you have to prove that you are not a robot and you have to type the two words shown! Just after that, your comment will be memorized!!

I hope my instructions are clear enough for you all!!!

So, please, enter MY FIRST GIVEAWAY !!!! Thank you !!!

I'll leave you with a picture and the following title : Beauty and the Beast !!!!

......but, WHO IS WHO?????? (eh!eh!eh!eh!)  ;-))))))

See you soon, xxx


  1. io vedo solo due "beauties" e nessuna bestia. P

  2. I agree with Anonimo. No beasts only beauties of course!

  3. Again: You are so crazy! *g* Positive meant!! :)

    Love, Miriam

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments!!!
    xx Alessandra


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