Friday, 20 April 2012

Colours galore!!!

...just off my knitting needles, my first washcloth!!!

The pattern is easy peasy to follow, believe me! You can find the it on this blog and you have to look for Peace Washcloth Pattern !!! I was lucky to find it through Ravelry !!
I think that now I need to discover a washcloth pattern with an heart, so that I can knit a "peace and love" set to gift to lovely friends....!!!

....About my crochet experiment...still on and the hook that is hot, because the end of the work is still far, not so far, but .... well, when I'll have the idea about what I'm doing, then the end will be close!!

.....Have a lovely weekend!!
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See you soon, xxx


  1. Hello,

    your blog is geat.
    I like it very match.


  2. Oh my goodness what a fab wash cloth, great colours too, and i LOVE your stripy crochet.
    thank you for your sweet comments it is lovely to find your blog.
    Have a super lovely weekend
    love jooles x
    P.s i'm off to enter your beautiful giveaway if i may x


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