Saturday, 14 April 2012

A day trip with the boys!!!

Yesterday my husband took a day off and, as the kids are still at home for Easter break, we all went (by car) outside JK to breath some fresh air!
Our first stop was Tangkuban Prahu Volcano. We walked around the main crater (Kawah Ratu, the Queen's Crater), followed by the rotten eggs' smell (because of the sulphur smokes!), but with two happy kids and two excited geologists!!!

....We did enjoy it a lot!!! And luckily we didn't have any rain (just few drops!)! On the way back home, we had 3 more stops.....but these ones will be on another post!!! eh! eh! eh! eh!!!

See you soon, xxxx


  1. Ha ha! Rotten eggs' smell... :)

    Looks like a great trip!

    Greets, Miriam

  2. @Miriam : It was!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  3. what an adventure!

    looks like you had as great times with your boys as i had with my girls lately! :)



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