Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bliss is....

....simple things, as preparing the parcel with all the goodies from my first giveaway....

...or admiring your first crochet project completed (still need blocking!), with all its imperfections.....


I love my rug!!! It's location will be in my studio, in front of my pink sofa : this is the right place for it (and my feet are so happy to stand on it)!!!
I can give you some little informations about the rug:
  • measurements : roughly 74cmx50cm
  • worked in double crochet (British terminology), changing colour every two rows
  • border in double crochet, too, worked for two rounds
  • I've used a 4mm hook
  • I don't know how many stitches, because I was not counting them (shame on me!)!!!
  • acrylic yarn from local store

I'm quite happy with this not impeccable result! What do you think, instead?

See you soon, xxxx


  1. Your rug is bright and cheery, your feet will be smiling ;o) a fabulous first project.
    I am so excited Alessandra! thank you again x
    love jooles x

  2. Beautiful beautiful... Any feet would be so happy to rest on such a rug!

  3. Love these bright colors - what a rainbow!

  4. I ADORE the rug!!! I would like to stand on its cushyness too. :)


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