Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My brief knitting history!!!

If I'm not wrong, I had my first attempt in knitting when I was 11 years old.
At that time, my mum still had her basket with yarn and knitting needles. I remember that I was in love with a pair of yellow knitting needles and a pair of blue metallic ones. When I asked, my mum gave me a pair of needles with some stitches casted on with a navy blue yarn. The first rows were knitted by her, to show me how to knit the simple garther stitch. Then I was left alone!! I was so happy!! And I worked hard to complete my first scarf, with irregular stitches and a lot of holes!! My mum added some white fringes to embellish the thing!! Anyway, I don't have any picture about my first knitting, but only a "sad"  memory. On a windy day, my little sister asked me if she could borrow my knitted scarf and I said yes. That day we had a stroll along the corniche in Tripoli (Libia), were we used to live at that time, and my sister lost it!!!! When back home, I was crying like a fountain!!!! Sob! Sob! Sniff! Sniff!

During the following summer, my mum bought me some balls of white yarn and a blue pair of plastic needles. I knitted a big square and two narrow rectangles. My mum sewed all these shapes together into a sleveless jacket. The collar was adorned with two blue buttons : I loved it! But if you ask me where this garment has gone, honestly I DON'T KNOW!!!

After these two projects, nothing more on the needles! I completly stopped and the reason is still obscure to me!

In 2004, my husband said yes to the opportunity to work in Egypt for some years. Matteo was 5 years and half old, while Tobia was not yet 2! In Italy, I was occasionally working as a geologist and it was not difficult to leave the job. We wanted to stay together as a family and the kids needed their father as they needed me, so....The adventure started!

In Cairo, Paolo went to the office, while Matteo started to attend the Irish International Scool and Tobia was busy at the nursery! My little ones, from Monday to Friday, used to be back home after 3pm... And what about me? I was no more working, I was at home....doing what? I had a lot of time to do something!
Of course, I visited Cairo and surrondings, I did my grocery shopping and the cooking (but no housekeeping : luckily there was a lady, Magda, coming every day to help in the cleaning and ironing!) and I met interesting people, but I was bored! Believe me, it's really tedious a life filled with mostly coffee mornings and gossips..
 Luckily, one day, I found this book in a supermarket, that gave me the input to start to knit again...

You see the teddy bear sitting on the front cover? Well, this is how it all started again!
The first ones I knitted, were for Matteo and Tobia and then for friends and relatives! I've knitted so many, that a bunch of teddy bears (20? 30?) were sold in an International Charity Fair!!

Anyway, I don't like to copy things....boring!! So, I started to develop a personal design for a teddy bear and a little monster, you see?

I introduce you WOOLHE  (there is not yet a she!!!), chubby ...

...or empty!!

And then we have FLAT, a funny little guy...

What do you think about them? I'm curious, even because I have some new ideas about them....

See you soon, xxx

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  1. These guys look all very crazy but great! *g*
    Love, Miriam

  2. They look very cheeky and have made me smile :o)
    Gosh you have been so busy!
    love jooles x


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