Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Works in progress!!!

Just came back and a lot of work to do!! With enthusiasm, as usual!!
The first one is a little project that I've started before leaving for the holidays...

I think that the result will be "lovely"....!!!! Anyway, I wish to complete this work really soon, because it will be part of my FIRST GIVEAWAY !!!! But, honestly, I'm not yet aware when it will be ready for the lucky one, because I have many ideas popping on my mind about embellishments, things to add and so on...
You know, I think that this task will make me so stressed during the w.i.p., because I would like to gift you with something special and well done.....We'll see!!

Another fact is that actually  I'm really busy in learning another craft....Yes, I'm hooked !!!

Don't make fun of me!!! In years of learning (always!), I've noticed that there is nothing better than a book written for children. It's true! The explanations and the pics/drawings are always so detailed and well shown... In this particular situation, I have to thank a lot Lucinda Guy!!! Honestly, this book is great and enabled me to try something tricky like crochet! Even YouTube is a great font of tutorials to look at !!
My hands are aching for the effort, but I'm proud to show you my first row of double crochet completed :

....it's a little bit wiggly, but I still need time to master this new craft!! So, go on my dear!!!

See you soon, xxx

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