Monday, 2 January 2012

Have a great 2012!!!

We started the 2012 with a little walk in a natural reserve just outside Salsomaggiore Terme, along a path in the Parco dello Stirone....everything was so quiet, except some loud screams from my boys! They were so excited to run , to play as musketeers with logs or to enjoy the ice along the river Stirone...

Maybe you can notice my geological background in few pictures above....but what I was really interested to show you is how beautiful is the sleepy Nature!!! Isn't she? Even if every little or big member of both Fauna and Flora are still resting, Nature is still gorgeous ! Maybe there is not a huge variety of colours, but walking at a slow pace trying to enjoy every little moment of this walk and hoping to find some little inhabitant (some birds were skipping around!), well the early afternoon was well spent! My eyes, my heart and my mind were so pleased with this refreshing experience...Thank you Nature for all your little and big gifts!!!!
What do you think about the pictures made with my new camera (a Christmas gift so appreciated!!!)? Isn't she doing a great job? Well, I really think so!!!

And now some crafts done and on the way....

Well, that's all folks!!
I need to go back to the camera instruction manual, because there is a lot to discover and to put into practice!!!

See you soon, xxx

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