Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Skulls and mini granny squares....

....to add to my crochet scarf... ( here ).... hope the "gothic" girl will be happy to receive something like this.... with love...

...What do you think? "Christmassy" enough??? ;oD

The pattern for the skulls is adapted from the one found here at Fear and Loathing with Yella !! It's a free pattern (thank you so much Yella!!!), easy to follow with the help of enough step by step photos ! I've changed only few things in the lower part of the skulls, because I preferred a small opening as a mouth, instead of the teeth!!

xxxx, Alessandra

P.S. : a new pressie is on the way......!!!!!


  1. That is so clever and a funky departure from crochet flowers and garlands!

  2. I absolutely love the skulls Alessandra - how cool are they!! My youngest kiddo would love them :)
    Alison x

  3. Ha ha! 'Tis the season for skulls!! ;)

  4. Very effective Ale, I'm sure your goth girl will think they are too. Certainly a one of a kind gift.....

    Claire x

  5. Very, very ... different! I'm sure they'll be a huge success with the recipient :D

  6. Oh! my god! these are soo cool! Just love them!

    Understand that it´s not so easy to understand what I write in Swedish :)
    I was just thanking you for writing about Mormorsglamour, I know that it was a while ago but just wanted to thank you.
    Love to visit your blog and you inspire me a lot. :)

  7. How creative are you! I think you could crochet anything you want to. xoxoxo Thanks for your sweet comments you always leave me!!! xoox

  8. these are a departure, ha ha! i can tell you're having fun with them! Happy Skull-idays! :)

  9. So cute Ale!! LOve them!! xo Heather

  10. The pompon flower on the cushion is a really cute idea! And I love that scarf. The skulls are funny, I'm sure the girl will like them :-)


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