Sunday, 23 December 2012

Last decorations before Christmas!!!

Yesterday, I decided to follow some tutorials/patterns (these ones, precisely : Grandma Tree Tutorial,  Grandma Twinkle Tutorial and Grandma Hearts Tutorial), all found at The Royal Sisters and all designed by Michelle, the kind hostess of the just mentioned blog!!! Thank you Michelle!!!

I started to crochet some trees (that at the end became 11), using a 5mm hook with some local acrylic yarn, in white, grey, green and blue hues....

Now they are one window (still one left? ;oD) in our living room...

I did crochet some yellow stars (3, to be precise!), one red heart (I found the pattern a little bit tricky for me...) and some pink/purple snowflakes! The pattern for these ones was found on this book "100 Snowflakes to crochet" by Caitlin Sainio (Spring Snow on page 45, if you ask!)....

With the help of some little Santas, these decorations are held in place on a different window...

Probably, we need some more snowflakes as in Jakarta will never snow, so I was thinking to follow this idea from Erica at Caught on a Whim....just to have a hint of a cold and cosy Christmas !!!
Thank you Erica !!

Are you still putting on the last decorations for Christmas, too???? Have fun!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra


  1. it's just such a great excuse to decorate isn't it!! Have a merry christmas! Heather x

  2. You did a great job with all of them and have displayed them so beautifully! Happy holidays! Tammy

  3. Wow your colours are lovely,
    Merry christmas
    Daisy x

  4. Beauuutiful, all together!! ♥
    I have these grandma tutorials also on my list, but not done up to now ;-)


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