Sunday, 9 December 2012

My crochet trees!!!

In occasion for my last bazaar (have a look here, please!), I bought a trio of wooden tree stands.... their design is simple and pretty, so I decided to use them to have more Christmas decorations in our home!

I have a box full of crocheted/knitted pieces and I've decided to use some of them (this means that there are some left, gosh....!!!!) to hang on these trees!! I've just added some yarn to attach them and these are the results....

"Large tree" with circles...

"Medium" tree with granny squares...

"Small" tree with smaller circles, just pressed in the holes...

I think that these trees will be here all year around!!! There is no reason to put them away in a box until next Christmas will knock again at our door....Do you agree???
They are so cheerful!!!

xxxx, Alessandra

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  1. These are fantastic!! So bright and cheery for sure. I'd leave them out all year too. :)

  2. oh they are brilliant, I like them all! yes I think you could keep them up or bring them out on birthdays, as table decoration. I mean't to say before how good the trees look, what a great find! Heather x

  3. They are so cute and a very good idea..:)) You are so creative...

  4. Great idea Alessandra - the last one reminds me of stained glass. :)

  5. Alessandra, this is one of the coolest homemade holiday projects I have seen thus far.

  6. Yes, this tree is something that can be in all year!
    I love it!
    Wish you a lovely week :)

  7. Yes Id leave them out all year!!! SO cool!!!

  8. Oh, how lovely are your trees!! So pretty and creative!! xo Heather

  9. Hola. Que árboles tan bonitos¡¡¡¡

  10. Very creative! I love your crochet trees!

  11. Good morning Alessandra! How I love your work! Can you tell me where I can purchase the wonderful tree stands? I would sure appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

  12. @Sandra : Happy to know you like my work, thank you!!! About the tree stands : I live in Jakarta and this is the place where I buy them!!! Sorry!
    xxxxx Ale


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