Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A gift....

I've started to crochet this scarf last Saturday during the quiet moments at the bazaar ( here )....
I didn't take any picture about the first steps of this project....
I started the foundation row (using a 5mm hook) with 100 loops/eyelets, as they are called in this video

I have some photos of the last round (I worked 6 rounds in total)...

Today I've completed the task (even trimmed in the ends!!)...

The scarf is 2m and 85cm long (!!!) and 15cm wide ! Love the vintage effect due to the colours selection.
Now I can tick one thing from my Christmas list : done!!!! ;oD

xxxx, Alessandra

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  1. nice colours, very wearable! Heather x

  2. It's pretty Alessandra. I love the colors you chose - and you're right, they do give it a vintage feel. :)

  3. Very nice, the colours work really well together! :)

  4. Gorgeous colours in this piece Ale :D

  5. It's gorgeous Alessandra! It must be so great to have a gift done too. Good job!

  6. I always love your color combinations. :)

  7. Nice colors and a really long scarf! :)

  8. Hey Ale, markets are good for catching up on crochet projects in between customers.....as long as it's not a tricky pattern you have to count!!

    Someone is going to be nice and warm wearing that scarf through Winter. The colours are lovely and soft....

    CLaire x

  9. Hooray for homemade gifts and for ticking things off lists!!

  10. Gorgeous colours....love the combination.....great idea for a Christmas present.

    Your market stall would have drawn me like a magnet....so packed full f lovely goodies!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  11. What a lovely, yummy scarf Alessandra - the colours are really beautiful - lucky person who gets it :) :)
    Alison x

  12. So pretty! I've just started to make a few granny squares. Love your scarf idea and binding!

  13. Hola. Me gustan mucho los colores que has utilizado, es muy bonita la bufanda.


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