Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Yesterday morning

.....The kids in the Primary School were having a Christmas Party and mums and dads were invited to join to help  doing some decorations for the celebrations...

So I went in Y5B, where Tobia and his peers received some crafty instructions by their lovely teacher Mrs Rae...

There were 3 working tables, with all the tools and the materials they needed to prepare paper chains

Tobia was so happy with this craft, that he decided to gift me a paper chain bracelet...

...and while Tobia was taking the above pic, someone else (?) put this bag on a table in front of funny.....

On one table were the instructions (and same samples too!) to reproduce kirigami paper trees as centerpieces for their party tables...

I tell you something : the lady shown above is a blog friend! Her name is Nasytah and she is the hostess of Colours of the Domestic Goddess !!!! Maybe, you could visit her later!!! ;oD

The third table was full of paper cups to decorate as you wish.....Cristmas galore....!!!!.....

It was so nice to share these happy crafty moments with the kids !!!! It's such a good way to enter the festive mood...!
There was a lot to take pictures of!!! Like some Christmassy details...

A gift to the teacher was given by our 3 Class Mums (Nasytah, Michelle and Niniek : thank you ladies!)

And before the big party, all the kids from the Y5 were engaged in some Christmas singing!!!
Our kids were following "Santa Claus is coming to town" with the voice of Mariah Carey

...Oh yes, even the teachers did sing a song.....!!!!

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Your pictures tell how much fun it was! :)

  2. What a great crafty day for the children (and parents!) :)

  3. lovely christmas festivities for the kids and you!! puts everyone in the mood! Heather x

  4. I'll see you had a great day at school. Love the pictures they tell exactly how the day was.
    And although it's not Christmas yet, I want to wish you and your family A Merry Christmas!! From Holland, with love Tinie

  5. Those pictures are fabulous! Crafty, colourful and I felt as if I was there by your side ;-)

    What a special day for the children and what a great teacher too!


  6. So much JOY! Thank you for sharing..reminds me of the fun we are having in my Classroom these days. xoxoxo

  7. looks like a fabulous day ..... all that making and creating!
    wishing you a lovely Christmas time
    love jooles x

  8. Adorable and so colorful! Looks like everyone had a great time! Love those paper trees!
    Kate :}

  9. What a creative classroom Alessandra - great pics! :) :)
    Alison x


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