Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Same weekend, still some photos...

Today I'll show the last group of pictures taken in November in Singapore.....still some pics???

Yes!!! We have been visiting even the Gardens by the Bay , with the Supertree Grove...

...the Cloud Forest....

....and a Flower Dome...

This is it!!!!!

Hope you all had a lovely and cosy Christmas day!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. wow thats alot ! haha but very beautifull is it only with stairs ?


  2. Amazing...very futuristic....and look at all those plants.....its quite a view too. Great photographs.

    Hope you are having a great Christmas with your family.

    Amanda xx

  3. Wow! What an amazing place!! Looks like it was so much fun!
    Kate :}

  4. Wow, I lived in Singapore about 15 years ago and don't remember these... they must be new! Such beautiful photos.

  5. That is just wild!! Crazy cool! Boo on the 'no jumping' rule... lol!

  6. Oh c'est trop cool que voi avait visiter cete place!

    Bombe semaine
    xxx Maria xxx

  7. Wow, crazy!! Looks like a foreign planet ;-). It's fascinating to see all this, thanks for sharing! Shall I tell you my favorite pic? Guess what... it's the one with the bowl full of pumpkins :-)

  8. What an incredible place!

    I do hope you and yours have had a joyful and peaceful Christmas Ale


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