Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My triplette!!!!

Have a look at my newborns......

....So, all together I have 3 little new matrioskas or we can say more precisely that I have a matrioskas triplette!!!

They are incredibly cute!!!

You know that in real life I'm part of a triplette?
I have my twin sister Sabrina (hello there!!!) and a good friend of mine that was born on our same day and same hour!!! Sabrina and I were born in Firenze (Florence) in Italy, while Ruzwana (my friend) was born in England!!!! So funny; eh?

See you soon, xxx

Posted: 14/12/2011 local time: 16:55

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  1. Oh Alessandra, I just found this matrioskas on my way to your tiramisu recipe. These little ladies are sooo gorgeous!!! I love matrioskas and yours are so sweet :-))


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