Monday, 26 December 2011

Just after Christmas : a walk in Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma),Italy

Christmas is just gone!
We did enjoy it with our families, both Christmas Eve dinner and Cristmas Day lunch!
...And today we needed a walk , after all that eating and sitting... and outside we had a lovely sunny day, so....Enjoy my pics taken in the cold Italy....!!!!

...this one was taken early in the morning ....

red berries!!!

logs ready for a fireplace

a Christmas hen? First time ever!!!!

a self-portrait!

some window shopping...

as you can see, we live in a spa town!

a nativity scene on a creative!!!

an Ape car by Piaggio: a Vespa's sister!!

a lovely duck

the ducks' pond is mostly completely frozen!

an holly tree!!

Finally, some quiet moments after those crazy days before Christmas!!!
I really enjoyed these two hours outside with my boys, because it has been a relaxing time to relish with gusto! You know what? I'm ready again to craft something new....

See you soon, xxxx

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