Monday, 5 December 2011

Two walks in one !!!

The past week has been crazy, so that I didn't have the time to prepare two posts about my walks in the neighbourhood...!!! So today I try to to one with pics of two different days!!! Enjoy!!!

shadows on my outdoor wall

Bajajs parking area

find out the kissing couple statue!

scary, eh?

a motorbike club

a selection of lacal fresh fruit and vegetables

an hardware shop right on the street! I love the colourful plastic taps!

....And now the second and following morning :

the seller didn't want to be in the pic!!

"For sale"! I love Vespa! This one is from 1962!

How awesome is this Lady Vespa?

Some coconuts!

A wedding decoration along the street

Ready to go for a bath: look at her bottom...!!!

....No more pics indulge! I have to go back to work! You know, there is a bazaar tomorrow, so....

See you soon, xxx

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