Monday, 5 December 2011

World War II in school !!

Last Wednesday, I went to my kids school to help in the class of Tobia (year 4). The topic was WWII in England and it was quite an interesting morning!

To be honest, it started the day before. Infact Tobia came home with a ration book and a sheet with the instructions explaining how to use the "C" (clothes) and the "F" (food) :
So, Tobia and I went in his room to choose his garments to dress up like a child during the war time. He had fun in ticking out the "C"s in his ration book. We did the same in the kitchen when we chose the snacks : one apple and 3 cookies!

The first thing in the morning, after viewing a BBC documentary, was to plan the allotment (your Victory Garden) where to grow your own vegetables and where to place your Anderson shelter...

....Oh yes! The kids had to decorate their own shelter! They had a lot of fun in doing it! See how artistic are the leaves...!! On the top some grass and mud to complete the disguise!!

They were even invited by the teacher to visit the "neighbourhood" to collect some information from the kids that experienced the WWII.... amazing facts! The kids were really interested in this kind of research! Me too! Infact, I started to recollect all the stories my grandparents used to tell me as a child....I remember I was really eager to know all the things they used to go through that terrible time...

......Someone else was really interested, too! Thank you for sharing that day with me, kids!

See you soon, xxx

Posted : 5/12/2011 time: 7:55am

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