Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas breakfast and Tiramisu' part II

The Santas' necklaces!!!

Last Friday morning, the first thing to do, just after jumping out of the bed, was to collect out the tiramisu' from the freezer....

.....and wait patiently the defrosting process....

So, in the meanwhile, I woke up the kids, prepared their breakfast and even prepared myself for the nice event of the morning : Christmas Breakfast at Julie's!!!!
When the school bus collected my kids, I went out to reach Julie's home (just 5 minutes of walking!) and there I completed my Tiramisu', just sprinkling the cocoa powder with the help of a tiny sieve:

All the ladies were so happy to taste my dessert and luckily it was really good!!! Yummy! Yummy!

The morning was so great, chatting and singing some Christmas Carols! The atmosphere was jolly and the food was really delicious!

Let me introduce you Julie (in the middle), our hostess!

We all had a lovely time!!!! Did you ever had a Christmas Breakfast with friends? Let me know!!

See you soon, xxxx

Posted : 12/12/2011 time: 8:00am

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