Friday, 16 December 2011

Season Greetings!!!

Tonight, the kids and I are travelling back to Italy for our Christmas holiday (daddy will join us next week!)!
The journey is long and I'm already tired just thinking about it....!!!
Anyway I still have time to show you my last creation....

....She shows you her back in the last pic not because she is not well mannered, but only because she is leaving, too! Infact she is ready for a long travel to New York.....!!!! I would like to see the face of my twin when she'll unwrap the package coming with this little miss.....!!!

And then Margot...

As usual she keeps me company just laying beside me, but this time she was distracted by the singing of a little bird outside in our front garden....

I really hope to have time to prepare a couple of posts while in Italy, but if not......

I wish you all to enjoy the company of your families and friends and to share together lovely moments!!!

See you soon, xxx

Posted: 16/12/2011 time: 14:44

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  1. Margot is Sooo beautiful! I'd love to give her a cuddle, she looks so soft and warm, what a wonderful companion.And I'm sure your sister will LOVE her mariotska! Vanessa xxx


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