Sunday, 15 January 2017

Crochet Japanese knot bag

Hi there!!!!

Hope you are all well and I wish you a GREAT 2017!!! We all deserve a good one!!!

My last blog post is from 7/12/2016 ...... it was time to be back!!!!

Today I'm going to show you a little project that took few days to be completed, because of the use of a small number of granny squares and of the simple construction : a Japanese knot bag !!!

It all started with a simple granny square ...

... and very soon there was a second one ...

... and joining with the "as-you-go method", there were soon more to crochet the first panel of the bag to be ...

... and in no time we had even the second panel ...

Once the two panels were joined, I had to add a simple border along the top (2 rounds of single crochets, US crochet terminology) ...

Then, it was time to add the handles (still granny squares, but smaller of one round) with the peculiarity to be asymmetrical ...

You have to make the longer handle pass through the loop of the smaller handle and you will have something like the following ...

The pattern is from of one of my Japanese crochet books ...

and the bag is shown on page 25 ...

I was working with 2 different hooks (5,5 mm and 6,5 mm), because the yarn for the common background was thicker than the other yarns and, for the same reason, the shells of the background are only of 2 DC (double crochet) and not 3 !!!

See you soon, xxxx Alessandra


  1. What a smart construction with those handles! Very nice!

  2. Hi Ale, great to have you back! Happy 2017 to you as well :-). This bag is wonderful, great design and I love the color mix you've chosen. Great job ♥. Hugs, Nata

  3. love the whole Japanese thing, very nice! X

  4. Great bag! Lovely colours!
    PS: Would be nice to share on the link party of EyeLoveKnots ( Granny-Spiration-Challenge ).
    Nice to read you again,

    1. Thank you, Sigrid!!!!!

      I'm going to have a look at that link party....!!!!!
      love and happy week, xxxx Ale

  5. What a great idea! It would be a great bag for carrying another crochet project on the go.

  6. I just might have to make every future bag this way - I really dislike making flaps and sewing on buttons. Thanks for sharing your project!

    1. You are more welcome, Jenny!!!
      If interested in bags, please note that I've made (just few days ago!) a photo tutorial for a similar tote bag (adaptable for any kind of granny square)!!!
      Have fun crocheting and xxxx, Ale


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