Monday, 5 October 2015

Crocheted Danish Hearts for a friend ….

…. who just left from Mozambique this last Saturday!
Kimberly, or Kim, as all of her friends here are calling her, spent her last 20 years (!!!) in Africa, the last 5 of which here in Maputo!
As her new post is Copenhagen (Denmark), Ann (another dear friend of mine here in Maputo) and I decided to prepare for Kim and her family (2 twin daughters and her husband) a gift that could be a kind of link between Africa and Denmark ….
… as we knew, Ann and I, for sure Africa will be always in Kim's heart, so I had the idea to crochet 4 Danish Hearts (free pattern found here : thank you so much, Allison for the kind sharing!) …

I was really excited how they were coming out !!! The pattern is really easy to follow (<3) and I choose to work with some chunky yarns and a 5,5mm hook to reach a very squishy effect!!!
The only thing I really "hated" was the sewing part … even if I had only to attach the handles (the hearts are useful pockets for small gifts to put in!) and to fix the weaved sides … but I did it !!! Phew!

You have to crochet 2 identical pieces and one handle for each heart …

… and just fold equally the two parts, so that you can weave them together and obtain gorgeous hearts (in the free pattern there is even a scheme that shows you how to do all that!) …

After the weaving, I crocheted eventually the handles ….

… and after the sewing, the Danish Crochet Hearts pockets were ready …..

Ann chose the little gifts to put in each heart (some african art crafts), so the link was made and we were able to gift them to Kim and her family : she was really moved and we were, too …

If you like a quick read about the origin of the Danish Hearts tradition, please read here !

If you are interested in more related crafts with Danish Hearts (not only crochet !), find more activities over Pinterest !!! Have fun !!!

xxxx, Alessandra

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  1. They are absolutely gorgeous Ale!

  2. Hello Ale, I once made these hearts out of paper, but never seen crocheted ones. They are so cute, and a nice gift for someone to give, byebye

    1. Imagine Francien : you can even knit them!!!! Just look here :

      thank you and have a good week, xxxxx Ale

  3. How sweet!! They look like so much fun to crochet! I'll have to remember this!
    Kate :}

  4. Beautiful and really kind of you.
    I hope Kim will have a good time in Denmark!

    1. Thank you Sigrid!!!!
      I think Kim will enjoy Copenhagen and surroundings: if I was her, I will !!!! ;oD
      happy week, xxxxx Ale

  5. Wow, what a lovely gifts! And what a lot of pictures of those hearts. :) i can imagine how touched she was... <3

    1. …. it's always nice to receive some hearts as gifts !!!! ;oD
      thank you Lizette, xxxxx Ale

  6. Aw, these are lovely Alessandra - no wonder she was moved to receive them! Nice to get something so personal and handcrafted :) :) I love the colours you chose too!
    Alison xxx

  7. What a lovely gift ... something that will remind her of her time in Africa and of your friendship. M x

  8. You never fail to amaze me, always trying something new, and always being successful. :) The hearts are lovely!

  9. ♥ ooo, super lovely! Happy day my dear friend!

  10. really clever and nice to put a little something in! X

  11. fabulous! have always love the paper versions, and now we can crochet them too, yippee! thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  12. So pretty! We used to make paper versions of these as children, but I never thought of a crocheted version, they are lovely! xx

  13. Super! Ik kreeg er al ooit zo eentje cadeau en vroeg me af hoe dat gemaakt was! Dankjewel voor de link! Die van jou zijn geweldig mooi...

  14. Cuori molto originali! desiderio avete un buon giorno, Ale!

  15. Really amazing and straight from your HART...lucky friends! ;-)

  16. So lovely !!!!
    Thanks for the tutorial and for your visit !
    Have a nice week !

  17. So sweet!! ♥ Beautiful with or without handle, bot I like the pocket idea :-). xxx


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